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It all started with a creative family, that stimulated their young ones with extreme easter egg hunts. That’s how Devon grew up. He teamed up with John in 2013, and together they form an invincible millennial entrepreneur team. Now they bring grown-ups their childhood treasure hunt experience and they called it Qlue Quest!

With the IOS Qlue Quest app these guys created a large scale mix between a treasure hunt and a scavenger hunt. Guided by clues, challenges and riddles people enjoy a discovery trail. The hunt events are location-based.

So for whom is this interesting? Well, any creative soul who is slightly interested in a bit of brain activity while discovering a city. Qlue Quests are completely customizable, so the options are endless. For example: a pub crawl 2.0, a group of tourists looking to discover the city in a fun way, it can be used on a big festival or college campus, but also for some corporate bonding within colleges.

It is not only a fun and engaging activity, but also a pretty impressive marketing tool. By sending their hunter to selected places, shops and companies Qlue Quest creates guided ‘foot traffic’. And the sky is the limit for these guys, who have already been elected on Launch Fest 2015 as a company to look out for!

Want to try out a digital scavenger hunt made by the Clue Quest men? Click here to visit Qlueville!

Devon Smittkamp

Devon Smittkamp

Devon is one of the founders of the app QlueQuest. He calls himself and his co-founder the real millennial entrepreneurs and according to his Twitter bio he is bent on turning dreams into reality.

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