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The startup world seems to have no limits when it comes sprouting new companies. Some may be less groundbreaking than others, but hey, it keeps our generation going. The Startup Bus accelerates this trend. We spoke with Hans, one of the organizing masterminds behind this project, and found out: what is this latest brainchild of the roller coaster start-up world?

The Startup Bus is a competition that sets out in bringing like minded, strong entrepreneurial millennials together at one bus. They drive for 72 hours through one continent (the next edition is in North-America, you can still enlist), and the outcome is presented as soon as the motor stops.



Since all participants are from different corners of the world, the concepts developed in the time on the bus aren’t necessarily meant to evolve further than the bus trip. The ride is mainly seen as a learning experience, testing your inventive skills and your nerve level. Building a company in three days is a challenge as it is, so it certainly must be on a non stop driving bus with crappy internet…

Here is a video to get a better idea of what this three day process looks like:


So, are you ready for a challenge and don’t have a tendency to get motion sickness? You might be the next buspreneur.

The busses drive all over the world, find your bus stop here!


Hans van Gent

Hans van Gent

Hans van Gent is the director for StartupBus in Europe. He participated himself in the StartupBus 2012, organised the Dutch bus from 2013 and together with his team ran the 2014 competition. Hans works in advertising at DigitasLBi in Brussels and next to the StartupBus he mentors and coaches different startups. His latest project is Inbound Rocket, which he founded with a StartupBus alumni.

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