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How Kenya Pioneers In Breaking Taboos In Sex Prejudices

Many countries, especially in Africa, tend to be cautious to talk about HIV, AIDS and sexual education. But one of the countries that is breaking that stigma is Kenya. Our vlogger Denise van Dijk is a spokesperson for the female condom. She recently visited Kenya and was pleasantly surprised by the progressive attitude towards these topics.

The government of Kenya recognizes that they have to spread the word on preventing STIs under the key population. The exact problem starts with 2% of the Kenyan population, but spreads further with time and having sex. This 2% consists of sex workers, truck workers and often man having sex with other man.

So to conclude you might say that the stigmas on gays and prostitutes is breaking in Kenya. Closing your eyes won’t make the problem disappear. Providing and advertising the use of condoms and addictive healthcare services is very important. One way of doing is this is by having a big campaign for condomize in Kenya.

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Denise van Dijk

Denise van Dijk

Vibrant, half American, half Dutch Denise is 28 years old. She enjoys her dream job: she is Senior Commercial Manager for the Female Health Company. This job embodies her life ideals. She travels the world as an advocate for equal rights and a fair world.

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