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PART II: Do You Think You Are A Sexpert? Think Again!

Welcome to part II of some well needed sex ed. Once again fun Denise joined us in the studio to share her expertise on the topic and walk us through the list of stubborn sexual misconceptions. Haven’t seen part I yet? Watch it here:

The first misconception that Denise talks about is one that starts with some really good intentions. Safe sex is important, but dubbeling up on condoms is not advisable. The chance that the friction between the rubber will cause ripping is big. Also important: it may really put a strain on your sexual experience.

Secondly Denise helps us out again when it comes to lubricants. Apparently – who knew – you need to carefully choose a lubricant according to the protection you are using at the moment. So: a male condom can not be used together with an oil based lubricant. When using a male condom, water based lubricant is important to prevent tearing of the condom. The female Condom however can go with any kind of lube. Good to know.

Finally Denise talks about severe sexual misconceptions that she has come by in the past. Curious? Make sure to watch the video.

Want to see more of the vibrant Denise and her quest to make the world a sexualy safer place? Check out her vlogger page.

Denise van Dijk

Denise van Dijk

Vibrant, half American, half Dutch Denise is 28 years old. She enjoys her dream job: she is Senior Commercial Manager for the Female Health Company. This job embodies her life ideals. She travels the world as an advocate for equal rights and a fair world.

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