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This Lady Joins Facebook In Their Mission To Provide Worldwide Free Internet

We as urban dwellers have constant access to the internet. At home we hook up to our WiFi and as soon as we walk out the door, our 3G or 4G takes over the task. The answer to any question is within reach. “I feel a bit queasy, and my face is yellow. What is it?” or “What is the quickest way to central station?” Answers are found within seconds via our portable dictionary, doctor, guide, teacher and so on. Our smartphone gives us the ultimate access to the world. However, not everyone is as online we are.

In July 2014 Facebook launched the initiative to provide the world with free internet. They are changing the internet landscape around the world slowly, but successfully. The internet services are available through the internet.org Android app or through a mobile browser directly at www.internet.org, will allow people to access basic services like health, education and finance information.

IntoConnection talks to Marisabel Ruiz, the founder of Sheva. Sheva annoucend their collaboration Internet.org:

SHEVA’s alliance with Internet.org seeks to improve the lives of girls and women in Guatemala by providing free access to information about health, nutrition, sexual reproduction and self-esteem.

Marisabel tells us all about it in this inspiring interview.

Marisabel Ruiz

Marisabel Ruiz

This power girl is from Guatamala and is now empowering young women there with her foundation Sheva. With Sheva, she’s providing them with education on their body and their rights. One way they’re doing this is by selling feminine care products in their webshop and giving out sanitairy protecting to girls in Guatamala: changing the world one period at a time.

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