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You Can Now Fit Your Clothing Online

Fitting rooms.. Oh, the horror! Nobody likes the badly lit booths and the mirrors that always seem to have a weird angle. Luckily there’s online shopping and our vlogger David came up E-dolly. The solution for the one problem while buying your clothes in webshops: finding the right fit.

With E-dolly you can scan your body in one of the assisting shops and translate this into a fit-ID. This ‘virtual you’ will have your exact size. While shopping online you will see which clothes will fit you and hów they will fit you so you won’t have to buy three sizes and send two back anymore!

You can also add your personal preferences to your fit-ID. What is your style, what colours do you like to wear? In the future E-dolly would like to provide it’s customers with the possibility to give a face to the body, so you will get a good sense of what the specific piece of clothing will look like on you.

Body scanners will be placed in shops in the Netherlands in a few months but E-dolly’s aim is to go global.

David Uhlenbroich

David Uhlenbroich

David formerly worked as a real estate developer and acquisitor in commercial real estate. He studied at the university of Groningen and got his masters in Real estate.

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  1. It is kind of confusing to me because I have all this good information but I can’t put it into a good piece. I have been prewriting for 2 weeks and I still don’t have a rough draft

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