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Nike+, Runtastic and Whitings. Health apps are extremely popular. However, they all seem to be slightly impersonal and focused on the intrinsically motivated sporter. Leaving a void for the lazy ass pseudo-sportsmen who never seem to get very far. The app Fitmo is there to turn these couch potatoes into buff athletes.


Steijn Pelle, the fit and energetic founder of Fitmo, believes that you need a human to change the behaviour of another human. “For lazy people, like me, it is easy to lie against an exercise app. So I need my own personal coach, but that’s too expensive.” So he invented Fitmo, the app that gives people access to a real and affordable personal coach. The users and fitness trainers have direct contact via the app. Together they try to reach workout goals.

Already they have some interesting partnerships with popular gym trackers like Jawbone, Fitbit and Healthkit. They collect your personal information and share it on a dashboard that is accessible to both, sporter and coach. The trainers can immediately check your progress and if you have finished your exercises. If not, he can video chat you to motivate you to get in shape!

According to Steijn there are more interesting partners coming up. Something with Paris Hilton. Curious? Check the video.

Steijn Pelle

Steijn is an energetic tech entrepreneur and former track and field runner. Currently he is the co-founder of Fitmo. An application that give people acces to a real, affordable trainer in their pocket, therefore helping them to change their behaviour.

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