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Cupcakes And Coding: Programming Workshops For Girls

The world of ICT and programming is almost entirely male-dominated. But these dudes better watch their backs, because women are on the rise! One of the initiatives to get girls into the world of coding, computers and HTML is Django Girls. Co-founder Ola talks to us about the amazing one-day programming workshops they’re hosting all around the world (check the site to see when you can join an event nearby). Ola tells us why it’s important for women to develop their tech skills. And what makes these workshops so girly? Check the video to learn everything from the cute Ola!

Ola Sendecka

Ola Sendecka

The bubbly Ola is from Poland, but now travels the world together with Django Girls (together with its other founder, also named Ola!) She used to be one of the only girls at programming events, but is now stimulating more and more women to embrace their programming interest. Girl power!

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