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When planning a long trip, it’s easy to choose where you want to go but ‘when’ might be a problem. It’s not only the climate that you will have to consider, but also seasonal activities. It was Marina Janeiko from San Fransisco who experienced this hassle in planning her trip through Asia. To spare other travellers the inconvenience of seasonal spreadsheets etc, she erected ‘What’s it like?’.

With help of crowd source data, What’s It Like helps you plan your travel trip based on three aspects. First, climate. Spare yourself the trouble of the monsoon season in Asia for example. Nobody enjoys soaked backpacking.

With the climate come seasonal activities: what is the best time to go whale watching in Patagonia, to see the Northern lights in the Northern Hemisphere, or watch sea turtle eggs hatch on the beach? You wouldn’t want to deprive yourself of such an experience due to crap planning. Finally, the website considers the best seasonal prices.

Combine these three aspects, and your travel plans will be flawless. So, looking forward to a rainless, cheap and adventurous trip: check What’s It Like before you go!

Marina Janeiko

Marina Janeiko

Marina is a travel loving and tech savvy digital nomad, who currently lives in San Francisco to work on her startup ‘What’s it Like’.

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