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Lick Anything You Want With These Cool And Creative Ice Pops

Ice pops are basically happiness on a stick. We can’t help but associating them with summer, joy and endless beachy days. But why do they always look the same? That’s what the Dutch Eva and Leonie from MELT icepops figured and what triggered them to create the most creative and unique ice pops. They’re “reinventing the ice pop in every way possible” using 3D-printing techniques. Have you always dreamed of an ice pop in the shape of your own head? Or always wanted to know what it’s like to lick your company logo? Contact the girls from MELT and they might make it real!


MELT icepops

MELT icepops

Eva Rennen and Leonie Smelt are from Amsterdam. They are the founders of MELT icepops and determined to ‘reinventing the icepop in every way possible’. Watch out, the cool (literally) shapes and sizes of their creative icepops will conquer the world!

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