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M-commerce is a growing trend within the tech industry. Shortly said, it’s the niche of E-commerce for your mobile telephone, which has skyrocketed since iOS and the new Android operating system. Today we talk to the Russian Maria Zhulkova. She works at Kuznech, a Russian-American IT startup that developed a high-performance visual image and video search technology. They specialize in mobile recognition in fashion, and here’s how that works:

You practically do everything with your smartphone, right? Research has shown that 28% of all purchases are done by mobile devices. However, besides the fact that you are a lot more mobile with your smartphone, it seems to us that a laptop for online purchases still beats the phone. But the phone has a great advantage: mobile recognition.

You are walking down the street and you see spot amazing shoes on a person passing by. You need those shoes, but how to find them…? Take a quick snapshot of the shoes, upload this in the mobile application and in a couple of seconds you get a list of the same or similar shoes. No need to scan barcodes, look up links or search for products online or in store. As Maria says: “Like “Veni – vidi – vici”, I saw – I took a photo – I made a purchase.”

And it’s not only useful for clothes. The options are endless. See a good bottle of whiskey or wine and you want to be directed to the online webshop where you can order it: mobile recognition. Keep an eye on this trend!

Maria Zhulkova

Maria Zhulkova

Maria is from St-petersburg, Russia. She works at Kuznech that developed a high-performance visual image and video search technology. She knows everything about mobile recognition.

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