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Obviously Granny’s Are World’s Best Chefs, Share Their Recipes Online

Who doesn’t love the authentic dishes of their sweet granny? Remember the days, being force fed the delicious traditional meals from the days of yore (“I’m sure you have room for seconds, sweetie”)? Now, there’s a platform to remember your grandmother’s culinary heritage and share it with the world. Grandmas Project is a collaborative web-documentary that invites people to make a video about their grandmas cooking skills. They’re especially calling on filmmakers and students, to secure high quality footage. So get ready for world’s best apple pies, casseroles and cookies (and gain some weight…)!


Jonas Pariente

Jonas Pariente

Jonas lives in Paris, France and loves his grandma and her recipes. That is why he founded Grandmas Project, on which everyone can share the best recipes of their amazing granny.

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