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It’s 2015 and as millennials we have decided to stop doing things manually. Including liking, sharing, saving and bookmarking stuff on the internet. Now, there’s something to help us with just that, here’s the Smile Suggest.



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We invited the charismatic Martin McAllister, who’s an UK artist, in our studio to tell us all about his quirky and strange invention. It’s actually quite simple: while losing yourself on the web for hours and hours, the Smile Suggest, a Google Chrome extension, records your smiles.

As soon as you wake up from your internet daze, you can retrace all the websites that made you smile. Scroll through your list and save, share and like the stuff that was truly worth it. Because if it made you smile, it will probably make your Facebook friends smile. Don’t leave ‘em out on your fun! Long live the luxury of the Smile Suggest!

Download your Smile Suggest here!


Martin McAllister

Martin is from the UK and has developed Smile Suggest, a Google Chrome extension that records your online likes!

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