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Tell Every Bit Of Your Story With This All-In-One App

When you think of all-in-one products you probably think of shampoos, shower gel or dish soap. Well, stop thinking about these dull things and meet Evrybit, the all-in-one app! At Collision conf in viva Las Vegas we interviewed the founder of Evrybit, Eric, about his app. It enables you to share your incredible (and complete) stories through video, audio, photo, drawings or writing with the world! It’s easy to use, it connects people from all over the world and it is the most convenient way to share your adventures or stories with people. So start storytelling!

Eric Ortiz

Eric Ortiz

A inspiring person who we have met at ‘Collision conf’ in Las Vegas. Eric currently lives in L.A. Together with his wife he’s the founder of ‘Evrybit’. Before he was a great journalist and knows a lot of digital media.

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