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These Two Girls Travel Through The UK With A Mobile Zoo

Dogs, cats, birds and a goldfish. These are the wildest animals an average city dweller encounters and maybe some mice and rats for the unfortunate. Real wildlife is quite absent in our day to day life. But not if you ring up the Creature Teachers. These animal lovers travel England with their mini zoo, teaching people the beauty of our fellow earth walkers.

She has been in our studio before, and she is back again! Bubbly Lisa finally tells us why she has and knows so much of these amazing animals. Together with her business partner Tilewa, Lisa runs Creature Teachers. Ranging from elderly homes to kids birthday parties they take their mobile zoo, to provide people with a special animal encounter.

However, animals in captivity are always a bit controversial. Lisa’s answer to these comments: “In a perfect world, no animals would be in captivity. But since we’ve destroyed that environment we have to keep them to make sure they don’t go extinct. Wild barn owls are endangered so to preserve the species we have to keep them in captivity. Besides that, keeping the animals and having the chance to arrange encounters between these animals and humans helps with the awareness people have over these issues. Especially kids can learn from these encounters to preserve the environment and look after animals.”

Lisa Kiely

Lisa Kiely

Meet our animal expert: zoologist Lisa. After a career in zoo education, she now has her own mobile zoo with The Creature Teachers, together with her business partner Tilewa. The teachers bring extraordinairy animals like raccoons, owls, snakes and lizards to events like birthday parties, therapy sessions or schools.

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