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This Girl Is Living 100 Days Without Fear And It’s Amazing

What are you afraid of? Heights, dogs, horror movies or people that don’t like pizza? We all have our fears. Michelle from New York used to live with a lot of fears, big and small, but decided to live her life to the fullest. That’s why she started to live a hundred days without fears. Everyday she shares her experiences with the rest of the world on her website and these videos are as inspiring as they are hilarious. Basically, Michelle inspires us all to get more out of life and don’t be so afraid. Stay tuned, because she has now reached the middle of her journey and there’s a lot more to come, as we can read on her to do list!

Michelle Poler

Michelle Poler

Michelle is from Venezuela but moved to NYC about a year ago – a huge fear that she had to overcome but turned out awesome. Now, she’s taking all about every fear she has got with her project 100 Days Without Fear.

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