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This Will Make You Feel Like A Sport Star Everytime You Go For A Run

You tighten the shoelaces of your running shoes, throw on your sporty pants and stretch your legs one last time. You start running and… Ugh, you’re bored as hell. Most of us have been there, including the British Sarah. “But what if there was a crowd cheering me on?”. That’s why she designed the concept of the Everyday Athlete, a motion sensitive billboard that represents an enormous fan base giving you a huge motivational cheer. Want to hear Sarah’s idea behind this creative solution to the struggles that come along with being active? Check out our interview with this promising young designer!


Sarah Weigold

Sarah Weigold

Sarah lives in Falmouth, UK. She’s a designer and selected as one of the ’70 Young Designers to Watch’ by the Design Council. One of her designs is the Everyday Athlete, a billboard that cheers you on when you run past it. Whoo-hoo!

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