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Vienna Will Be Bursting With Pioneer Spirit The Next Two Days

The annual Pioneer Festival 2015 opens today in Vienna, Austria. The two day festival celebrates the progression of technology. Combine this with a good dose of entrepreneurship and innovation and you’ve got yourself the pioneer spirit.

The co-founder Juergen Furian and his team have created a two day festival that’s for anyone who cares about technology and wants to see it make an impact on a child, an adult, your grandmother, a city, your home, the sea, the skies or your bank account. It’s for people that want to know, learn, mingle with different minds from different walks around the tech world – from Silicon Valley to Vienna to Estonia and Barcelona.

So what’s there to do the next two days? Well, there are endless interesting lectures you should make sure to visit. For example as this great talk previous year by Chris Barton the creator of the music app Shazam. For the entrepreneurs and startups: get your network on in the speed dating sessions with corporates, media and accelerators or enrol for a masterclass. And we can definitely recommend the startup roast, check out past years results here (very entertaining):

The Pioneers Festival also created an overview of startups on which you can vote this weekend. Perfectly categorized per sector, here’s a Top 50 and a Top 200.

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