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If you are already renting out your apartment or booking a vacation using AirBnB since the shared economy is in your second nature, we have some good news for you! There is now a new player on the shared economy market that we think you are going to love just as much. Meet menyooo. With menyoooo you can share your dishes and start your own online restaurant. If you are looking for a job to pay for your studies, you can just make money from your own home. Share your dishes on the platform and sell them for a price that you decide. For the lazy people who like to eat good food, but don’t like to cook themselves: go to and order the dish you like!

Khan Reaz

Khan Reaz

Khan Reaz -currently living in Berlin, Germany- is a dynamic professional and a community leader in the field of telecommunication technologies. He works for the new startup ‘Menyooo’ and is a student at the same time!

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