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Amazing Art: DNA-encoded Bubbles Fill The Air With Music

Imagine our data being saved in DNA-molecules instead of on computers. How would that look like? We probably could save our data for a thousand years! This concept is implemented in the art installation Music Of The Spheres, a cross-disciplinary art project and an collaboration between artist Charlotte and scientist Nick. Music of Kreutzer Quartet is encoded into DNA, which is subsequently suspended into soap. The bubbles that are blown with the DNA-filled soap fills the air with music, literally. This project has reached their Kickstarter goal of 10.000 dollar and from 13th of June you can visit Dilston Grove, London to see it with your own eyes!   

Charlotte Jarvis

Charlotte Jarvis

Charlotte is an artist and filmmaker from the UK. She loves to combine science and art in her installations and works, therefore she works together with scientists regularly. Besides that, she co-created a series of pop-up restaurants.

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