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Feel Fully Relaxed After This Kitten Therapy

Sometimes we are forgetting how simple things can create great pleasure. In our complex lives we are experiencing a lot of stress. It’s because of this complexity that basic things are very relaxing and stress relieving. And what’s more simple to create inner happiness than tiny kittens?

American company Purina Tidy Cats came up with the idea of inviting stressed people into a glass room placed in a park, so everyone outside can join the excitement. The client first starts off in the room with some guided therapy through an headset, not realizing that there is a huge suprise approaching… The appearance of their personal therapists: dozens of fluffy, little kittens, that bring an overload of cutness, playfullness and happiness. Afterwards you’ll be relieved of all stress, because of course “you can’t be stressed after sitting in a box full of kittens”, as said by one of the persons who experienced this. Check out the video below of what this cute therapy looks like:


In our opinion, this kind of therapy may be introduced everywhere in the world. Something that small and adorable, that is able to effectuate such pure enjoyment, can help us through our sometimes overly busy and stessful lives. If you’re not near a cat therapy, and you don’t happen to have a glass room full of kittens in your home, you could also schedule some extra hug-time with your pet or visit a local shelter (and adopt a kitten!) And while you’re cuddling with a fluffy little creature, the key is to live in that moment and enjoy it to the fullest. It will make you feel reloaded with energy and strong to work against that stress.


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One Response to Feel Fully Relaxed After This Kitten Therapy

  1. Carol says:

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