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Being Nice To Mother Earth Has Never Been So Rewarding

How aware are you of your environmental impact? Taking care of our earth has never been more important, but this can be pretty hard to live up to on a daily basis. Don’t worry, allGreenup is here to motivate you to get green. You can earn points for doing a good deed that helps the environment, for instance sharing your vehicle or recycling, and cash them in for prizes and discounts. Kind of like the Carrot app! Besides that, the allGreenup community will stimulate you to stay active in your new green lifestyle. At Collision we spoke to co-founder Sebastian, check it out!


Sebastian Longo

Sebastian Longo

Sebastian is from Santiago, Chile and he’s the founder of allGreenup. With allGreenup, he hopes to make a positive impact on the world by motivating everyone to be more green.

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