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Imagine, you own a traditional Italian grocery store in a country that have a full embargo on food imports from the European Union. That’s the case for Don Giulio Salumeria, the owner of a shop that sells traditional Italian food in the centre of Moscow.

To avoid this restrictions you have to come up with an ingenious way to advertise your remaining wares. And that’s exactly what Don did. He kept selling his traditional food with an novel stunt to advertise to consumers with his banned Italian delicacies until the police approached. At that moment it changed to a fake advertisement for matryoshka dolls.

So, how does it work? According to the shop, the billboard switches ads thanks to cameras that recognize police badges. But others think that there’s something fishy about it. Some skeptical social media users believe that it is a stunt to go viral and they uses actors as well. What do you think? A stunt or simply brilliant? Check the vid here:


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