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Eating has always had a big social aspect to it. When you want to meet friends for instance, you can go out for lunch or a drink or invite them to a home-cooked meal. And of course nowadays that social aspect is expressed in social media (see Pictures Of Hipsters Taking Pictures Of Food for visual evidence). The app FeedMe responds to this trend with an app that enables you to not only share a photo of your food but the whole story of your tasty bite. Whether it is the process of building and eating a glorious burger at home or eating out in your favourite restaurant. We asked Oron, private chef and FeedMe co-founder, all about this ultimate foodie app and why it is different from all the other food related social media.

Oron Franco

Oron Franco

Oron is originally from Israel. Now, he lives and works in New York City. He’s a professional chef and is sharing his awesome creations and recipes not only with his customers, but with the whole world through his app FeedMe.

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