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The Lowline is creating something awesome that no one has ever done before. They wanted to have a solution for greener, livable and beautiful cities. But how and where can you establish this vision? They came up with an unexpected idea: underground. Founders James Ramsey and Dan Barash managed to set up this project and expanded their team with many qualified geniuses. With innovative solar technology they are aiming to build a stunning park, which features real live plants and trees. They are starting this project in New York City, where they set their eye on a 107-year-old former trolley station right below Delancey street.

The idea is truly innovative and remarkble. But the biggest question is, how on earth can you bring sunlight in a place where it’s not supposed to shine? The organization came up with an technology where they collect sunlight on the rooftops surrounding the area, and reflect this down the street level with extremely efficient mirrors. Those mirrors reflect this again directly into the underground via tubes. It sounds quite simple, but it still takes much more research. Questions like ‘Will the solar technology work?’ ‘Will plants really grow?’ or ‘Will it be a popular public space’, are just some of the questions we are definitely wondering about.


That’s why The Lowlab is planning to set up a long-term testing exhibition called ‘The Lowline Lab’ in a former market building, where they will test the solar technology performance, the landscape design and performance and the social and community value of this project. Ofcourse spectators will be welcome here and they can have a peek in this new experience.


Do you also want to see this new invention with your own eyes in NYC? The exhibition will be opened from September 2015 until February 2016. You can find more information about this here.






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