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How A Random Encounter Results In An Inspiring Story Of The Middle East

What happens when you’re in a pub, watching a football match you’re not interested in? Most people would go home without feeling different. But not for Alessandra. When she was in this situation in Tibisi, she met Gaith, a guy who was exiled from Iraq. He had a story he wanted to tell the world and Alessandra could write it down: great couple right? They wrote blogs together and at the moment Alessandra is writing a book of Gaith’s story, called A Life In Exile:The Book. Against the expectation of her parents and friends, Alessandra moved to Istanbul. She had no money in her pocket but a piece of paper, and that’s enough. By now she works as a English teacher to earn some money, but she lives her dream so she won’t complain! If you would like her dream come true and let Gaith’s story come to life, make a donation at their crowdfunding page!

Alessandra McAllister

Alessandra McAllister

Alessandra is born in England but currently lives in Istanbul until November. She moved there to write a book about Gaith, a friend who lives in exile. To earn some money she is a English teacher. Creative as she is, she is also an great photographer!

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