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Let’s talk about sex. Specifically, about the sex toy called Crescendo. It’s a product of MysteryVibe, a company that designs and creates pleasure toys that will fulfill all your personal needs. For that, they use state-of-the-art technology. Today, everything is personalized. You can pick out exactly when you want to watch a specific television series for instance. It’s thus pretty logical to personalize one the most personal things we do: having sex. With someone else or, even more personal, by yourself. The Crescendo is adjustable in shape and size and you can create your own patterns of vibes. And why wouldn’t you get an super personal sex toy? You won’t buy clothes that don’t properly fit you, right? Hear all about this next-level toy from Stephanie in the vid!


Stephanie Alys

Stephanie Alys

Stephanie is working at MysteryVibe, a company that creates personalized sex toys. Their first creation is the Crescendo, an toy that is totally adjustable to fit your every need! O la la!

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