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How To Be Mindful: Keep Calm And Wear This Bracelet

We all know what stress means. It has a negative impact on your life and it’s not always easy to know when you are stressed. Okay, well, when we have sleeping disorders, headaches, react differently to things or have digestive problems it’s pretty clear. Once you’re in this situation, you are already in knees deep and it’s hard to turn it around. It’s best to try to prevent this stressful state and that’s where the WellBe comes in. It will help you to relax, relieve your tension and stay calm… With a bracelet! Curious about how it works? Check out the video!

Zach Sivan

Zach Sivan

Zach currently lives in New York City but is moving back to Tel Aviv, Israel in November. He’s the founder of Insalveo Inc. They produce the WellBe, a digital bracelet.

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