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“Have you ever wanted help from a real chef while cooking at home? TalkToChef can turn your dream into a reality.” That’s a very appealing promise TalkToChef is making. It’s an online mobile platform that connects you to a culinary professional whenever you need. For instance, do you want to know if you can use another ingredient that’s not written in the recipe or do you want to know how to master a certain cooking skill? You can have a conversation with a professional chef to figure this out. Through a two-way video streaming technology you’ll solve every foodie crisis and present gloriously impressive meals to your friends, while receiving all the compliments on how well you can cook…

Daniil Brodovich

Daniil Brodovich

Daniil lives in San Fransisco and is the CEO of TalkToChef. He is entrepreneur in e-commerce and calls himself a growth hacker.

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