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Hurray! Tangled Up Headphone Wires Are Finally History

Remember the days of yore, when we had telephone that weren’t mobile (yes kids, we didn’t use to have small pocket computers with which we can make phone calls). The phone without a wire was invented and today, more and more things are becoming wireless. You can even charge your phone without wires! So why are we still using headphones with wires? Those wires getting tangled up in your pocket definitely belongs in the top 3 first world problems. So thank God that Patrick designed Hearnotes: wireless earbuds with the same quality of sound as regular headphones. Curious about the advantages of these earbuds compared to other (wireless) headphones? Check out the interview.

Patrick Donohue

Patrick Donohue

Patrick lives in San Francisco, he’s a young entrepreneur and the founder of ‘hearnotes’.

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