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Meet Hank, Your New Portable Draft Beer Buddy

During the hot summer nights we all love to sit outside for hours with a delicious, ice cold and gold-coloured beer. This pairs best with a lot of laughing, some dancing (once you get tipsy), some food and, last but not least, great friends. Well, it’s time to include Hank in your group of friends, Hank The Beer Tank. Hank is an unique kegerator that is designed to serve you your brew the way it was intended: cold and from a draft. Co-founder Sebastian tells us everything about Hank in the video. Want the badass Hank to be your friend as well? Donate to the Kickstarter page.

Sebastian Ehreiser

Sebastian Ehreiser

Sebastian is a product developer and the co-founder of Hank the beer tank. He’s actually interested in everything but especially draft beer technologies. Of course he’s a beer fan as well!

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