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The travel season has begun! Are you looking for extravagant experiences? Are you interested in Asia? Do you adore food? Then look no further. This will help you on your way to visiting the most crazy cafés and restaurants throughout Asia. Get ready for some memorable experiences!

The first stop is in Taipei, Taiwan, where you can have a confusing meal in the Modern Toilet Restaurant. It is a bathroom-themed restaurant with a modern twist. The interior is fully designed with toilets and other bathroom accessories. Also the food is displayed in this theme. You can eat a bowl of rice from a small toilet or you can eat a look-a-like poop swirled ice cream. We’re not sure yet if we should find this awesome or disgusting, but it’s worth a try for the experience only anyhow!


The following stop is especially for women, although guys are welcome as well: the Princess Diary Café in Seoul, South-Korea. Experience your average drinks (smoothies, tea and sodas) with an extraordinary adjustment, because you’ll be wearing a bridal dress. The café is  decorated lovely to give you the total wedding experience. For a contribution of between 10.000 and 40.000 won an hour (around 8 to 30 euros), you are able to create this memory without needing a groom.



For all those who enjoy a good hospital/jail/zombie/food combo, there’s a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. Alcatraz E.R. is fully furnished as a crazy jail hospital, where the waiters are your nurses and you eat from jail-hospital like plates. And don’t forget the human skulls where you drink out of and the highly realistic decoration. Having a meal here definitely makes you feel like you’re in a whole different world. But no worries, the food is totally safe and is typical Japanese. Pay a visit to this place if you dare!


Are you more of a tech person, in that case you should visit Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. While you are enjoying some hotpot or Asian barbecue, human size robots will serve your food. And that’s not all, the robots will give you a dance shows as well. You would think it will cost you a fortune to have dinner with robots, but it’s pretty affordable with 120 to 250 baht for a dish (around 3 to 7 euros). So don’t skip this tech and food experience when in Bangkok.

A robot waiter serves food to customers at Hajime Japanese restaurant in Bangkok

Asia is a wonderful place to visit. So enjoy it the fullest, and especially pay a visit to these crazy restaurants and cafés. You’ll definitely have some unforgettable memories and a nice story to tell when you get back!


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