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These Food Trucks Put Young Ex-Inmates Back To Work

Are you food truck tired yet? It’s safe to say they’re pretty overhyped nowadays. That doesn’t change the fact though that the concept is pretty great: the best food, ready to go and to enjoy laid-back. Another reason to not give up on food trucks yet is one of the coolest New York initiatives that includes food trucks: Drive Change.

“We are building a fleet of trucks that serve delicious, inspired menus with a side of social justice”, says Drive Change. They employ young people coming out of jail to help them to stay out of the crime scene and brighten their future.

changedrive1 changedrive2

However, it’s not just jobs that are offered to broaden the opportunities of the young ex-criminals. In total, the re-entry program of Drive Change has a duration of 6-8 months. In the first phase, the applicants learn everything about working in a food truck. After that, they work in the food trucks in four different jobs and follow courses in Social Media, Marketing, Money Management and Small Business Development.

So, why is Drive Change only aiming at young ex-inmates? Well, in New York 16-year-olds are automatically arrested and prosecuted as adults. “The future is a daunting thing for anyone,” says Jordyn Lexton, the founder of Drive Change. “Imagine how daunting the future is for somebody who, at age 16, is already living with the possibility of having an adult criminal record.” To those, Drive Change provides a proper second chance. Want to help? Donating is possible here.


Milou Kwee

Milou Kwee

Milou is editor at IntoConnection.

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