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An inspiring artist has combined his love for art with his love to help people. As an art director from Chicago, who prefers to stay anonymous, he was enrolled in a typography class. One day after class when he was walking home, he noticed all the homeless people on the streets and in particularly the cardboard signs that they were holding in their hands. Realizing this problem and wanting to do something about it, he came up with a project called The Urban Type Experiment.



By staying anonymous, the focus is solely on the project. With his skills from the typography class he redesigns the cardboards and he turns them into little pieces of art. Every week he pays a visit to a homeless person and asks them to collaborate. After a week of designing, he brings the new cardboard back. Curious about the effects of the redesigned cardboard and the wellbeing of the homeless person in question, he pays them a visit after a week. The effects are not clear yet, but he has been receiving very positive reactions from the homeless. They are thankful and hope the project will help them to reach their goals. And up until now, the artist managed to find someone who gladly joined him every week!



Unfortunately the artist has mentioned on his blog that he will be moving out of Chicago, so he can’t continue the project there anymore. Still we feel inspired by this action and the beauty of his art. So feel free to share this story to grab people’s attention for this social problem! Or even better, are you also an artist and you feel you want to take a part in this? Visit the blog of The Urban Type Experiment here where you can contact the founder. Maybe you can be the new step towards a better care for homeless people everywhere!


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