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This Extraordinary Bag Is Biodegradable From Handle To Wire

Walking with a tree in your hand, sounds strange? With the bags from ReWrap that is however possible. This bag is made out of trees and is totally biodegradable, that means from the wires to the clasp (yes, really!). ReWrap works according to the cradle to cradle principle. Everything used in the products will decompose and return to nature. Don’t be afraid, they will not cut trees for those extraordinary bags, they will use the materials of the trees like: coconut fiber, natural rubber, walnut wood and wood pulp. The Kickstarter campaign runs for a few more days, so make sure to donate and get yourself a natural bag!

Erica Bol

Erica Bol

The Dutch Erica founded ReWrap together with her brother in 2010. Since then, they are commited to creating a sustainable future and a better world. With their gorgeous sleeves and bags they want to revolutionize the way people think of the materials in their lifestyle products.

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One Response to This Extraordinary Bag Is Biodegradable From Handle To Wire

  1. velika hillary says:

    can i ask you something?
    how about the glueing ?? is it using chemical ?
    and i want ask, after the consumption, the bag just be able to be compost? or can we do the up cycling for the tree bag?

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