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Graduation is one of the biggest events in your life. High school graduation is the day you say goodbye to your younger self and hello to the grown-up inside you. A lot of people spend a good amount of money on their graduation outfit, but not everyone is fortunate enough to get the education they deserve let alone have money to splurge on a dress. One high school graduate did something remarkable. She decided to donate the 250 dollar she would have spent on a dress in order to raise awareness for the problem millions of girls are facing. And that’s not all.

The 18 year old Canadian Erinne Pasley, saw no need for buying a brand new graduation outfit. Instead she decided to make a dress out of her old math and calculus homework. Why? Erinne wanted to raise awareness for women’s rights and in particular educational rights for girls. Erinne was inspired by Malala Yousafzai, a child activist from Pakistan who has her own non-profit organization that campaigns for girls’ education.

Dress awareness2 Dress awareness

It took her more than seven hours and a ridiculous amount of scotch tape to design the dress, but the result was amazing.The dress did not only state a figurative message. Erinne also painted a quote in red stating: “I’ve received my education. Not every woman has that right. Malala.org“. Erinne said that a lot of people had no idea what that statement meant. “They approached me to ask me about it and that got the conversation about Malala started.” Mission accomplished! After the big day Erinne put the dress up for auction and it is currently going for 600 dollars. The final revenues will be going to the Malala fund.

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