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This Girl Will Travel South-America With Nothing But A Bike

Ask yourself this: would you survive solely on your own with no food and money resources? If you answered no, welcome to the club. If you said yes, congrats! Maybe you can join Laura on her extreme journey. This year she hopes to cycle from Barranquilla, Buenos Aires to Argentina. So without the most basic survival tools and only a bike, knife, sleeping bag and water refiller, how will she survive? Laura wants to open people’s eyes to how selfish or selfless people really are and how the average person may cope and live without what we consider basic resources. If you would like to know more about Laura’s extreme journey, follow her on Instagram.


Laura Janet

Laura Janet

Laura lives in the U.K. but is actually never there. She loves going on an adventure. It all starts when she was 19 years old. She wanted to run away so she start traveling around the world. She did things nobody would ever do like sailing from Florida to England with 2 strange guys. Nobody can stop her by doing dangerous things. Her next stop will be South-Amerika.

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