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Doing the laundry feels sometimes like a drudgery experience, but for some people washing and soaking can truly be a luxury.

A woman who knows this best is Melissa Power, a formerly single mom who once had difficulties affording basic needs like clean clothes. That’s why she founded For The Love of Laundry, a startup that helps people with low income, or those who are homeless, with need the basic need of clean clothes. How? They organise free laundry events at laundromats in London, Ontario where people can wash their clothing for free.

The concept started a few year ago when Melissa, in an effort to cut costs for her family, began to make her own laundry soap. When she had a surplus of soap – that was just as good as anything she bought in the stores – she realized that it was something great to share. Melissa started selling her soap to local grocery stores and from the revenue she began paying local laundromats to allow families in need to use their machines for free.

The visitors of events don’t only receive clean clothes and save money, they also build a sense of community. People get to know each other and share stories, during the hours spent waiting. The most inspiring story that a mom shared with her was that she finally had the possibility to take her kids out for dinner. Somethings she was never been able to do before.

Unfortunately the events take exclusively place in Ontario currently, but Melissa hopes that with funding the program will expand to other cities soon.


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