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This Outside Classroom Will Make You Long For School Days Again

Remember when you were a kid and you always wanted to have at least one class outside? When the weather was so nice or when you were fed up with the same boring classroom, you were eager to have a class in an outdoor space. In London this is finally becoming a reality. And the great part is, everyone can experience this childhood dream.

Organization The Land Trust is working together with the Greenwhich Ecology Park in London to realize this project. As organization that owns and facilitates public open spaces for community benefit (such as country parks, woodlands or nature reserves), they wanted to engage more people in wildlife and outdoors. At that point they came up with “a fabulous educational space to inspire children and adults about wildlife, conservation, the environment and most of all to connect them with nature and outdoors”, as they say. This will be located in the Greenwhich Ecology Park, in the heart of London.


Greenwich Eco.jpg-pwrt2


So what can you expect in this outdoor classroom? For adults there will be exciting environmental workshops, conservation skills training and opportunities to volunteering and teacher training courses. For children there will especially be practical activities, like pond dipping, moth trapping and wildlife walks. Eventually The Land Trust and Greenwich Ecology Park want to deliver hand-on education to over 2000 school children, train over 40 students and teach 150 volunteers each year. The classroom will accomodate up to 30 people, constructed with respects to its surrounding wildlife and providing its own electrictiy and heating through renewable technologies. So not only will it be a place to provide needed healthy activities and education for children and free adult education, the building itself will also show this vision and inspire everyone who is using it.

Want to know more? Check out this project here and learn more about the goals, how to contribute and to improve your own environment.


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