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If people ask you if you have an addiction, you would probably say no. Liar! Would you leave home without your phone? Is there a day that you don’t touch your phone? We’re sorry, but most of you will have to make the conclusion that you’re totally addicted to your phone. It’s even getting so ridiculous that there are campaigns that call on all phone junkies to look up from their screen. The Light Phone is another initiative against the way we’re overconnected all the time. It’s a simplistic phone that you should use as little as possible and has only one function: to call or be called. And for everyone that doesn’t want to quit cold turkey: you can use The Light Phone complimentary to your regular smartphone.

Joe Hollier Kawei Tang

Joe Hollier Kawei Tang

Joe Hollier, a visual artist, and Kaiwei Tang, a tech product designer, make up Light. They created The Light Phone, a phone that you should use a little as possible, to go against overconnection. They work from the USA.

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