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“Being an entrepreneur is like jumping of a cliff without a parachute” is widely used phrase in the startup scene. Along the risks come the failures, one after another. Roughly estimated only one out of ten startups grows into a successful enterprise. The recently launched website Autopsy tracks all the failed startups with a summary why each company failed. “We want the site to be a place you can go to learn from others,” the site’s creator, Niral Patel, told Business Insider. “We want to keep it positive.”

The website is a simple spreadsheet format. It lists already 98 startups and for which its basic idea, the creator and the reason for failure is mentioned. Patel hopes that the website users will discover patterns in all the bankruptcies. According to him this will be equally as valuable to all the lists that numerate what everyone does right.

You can read for instance how Emjoyment failed: 99 problems but a bit (of code) ain’t one. So don’t forget to fail fast and fail often and to take a look at the cemetery of NOT forgotten startups!

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