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Why We Should All Want Clothes Made In Prison

The awareness of how clothing is produced has never been more relevant. Have you seen the creative campaign of Fashion Revolution that showed the bad conditions sweatshop workers are in? There has to be a better place where we can produce our clothes – that’s what these 4 handsome boys thought. They founded Stipes Clothing, a Dutch clothing brand that situated their production process in prison. It’s a win-win: the production of the cool stuff they sell is completely fair and the inmates who made the clothes benefit from it in multiple ways. Want to help this social brand to get to the next level? Their Kickstarter campaign only runs for a few days, so make sure to donate!

Roy Oosterbaan

Roy Oosterbaan

Roy is one of the 4 founders of Stripes Clothing. This handsome guy lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and is inspired by freedom. He believes everybody needs to get a second chance.

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