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Lifesize Lego Blocks Made From Rubble Make Up New Haiti Homes

Can you imagine building in a life sized Lego house? To make it even better, the Lego blocks are made out of rubble, built in a mobile factory and everyone can build a house with them. It all sounds too good to be true right? The Mobile Factory is getting this into reality. Their factory will be send to Haiti, where real life sized lego blocks made out of local rubble will make up new homes. Lots of Haitians have been living in extreme poor conditions due to the 2010 earthquake. With the mobile factory, the Haitian people will be able to build their own homes. It’s a fun way to create a better good for the world. Check out how the organization of The Mobile Factory is going to establish this and make sure to donate to their Indiegogo campaign.


Djaja van den Berg

Djaja van den Berg

Djaja van den Berg is the Communications Consultant of The Mobile Factory. She’s currently searching for people to support their newest live changing project for Haiti.

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