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This Indian Website Enables You To Be A T-Shirt Designing Entrepreneur

Do you have a creative brain but don’t know what to do with it? If you love to create new shirts and earn money with your designs, Jack Of All Threads is the place to be! Three years ago Yash started with a small T-shirt printing service for college students in India. He wanted to develop this service and founded Jack Of All Threads. What’s special about it is that it gives young (aspiring) creative entrepreneurs a platform that enables them to develop themselves and make some money. It brings together crowdfunding and social commerce. So, think you can can create an epic t-shirt? Get it funded on Jack Of All Threads!

Yash Vardhan Kanoi

Yash Vardhan Kanoi

Yash is the founder of India’s biggest crowdfunding platform: Jack of all Threads. With this website, he is empowering young aspiring entrepreneurs.

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