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The Astonishing Results Of Spreading 100 Cameras Among The Homeless

Have you ever stopped to wonder what all those homeless people you pass by would be if they weren’t living on the streets? Well, as it turns out, a lot of London based homeless people could easily be professional photographers.

To thank for this discovery is Café Art, an initiative that connects the homeless to the wider community using art. The company has carried out some awesome projects before, mainly focused on selling art made by homeless artists to local cafes and restaurants and returning all of the proceeds back to the artist. Now, they put up the coolest project ever. Café Art spread a hundred disposable cameras among the homeless people of London. 80 camera’s came back, around 2500 photos were developed and the results were astonishing.

The pictures that were taken by these ‘street artists’ are honest, artsy, unpolished and very poetic. Just look at the titles! If we were to tell you that the following beauties came from a hipster gallery and were shot by some snobby professional photographer, you would totally believe us.


“Past & Present, City of London” by Ioanna Zagkana

london4 “Telephone Row, Lincoln’s Inn” by XO

london3by ROL

“The Artist, Whitechapel” by Michael Crosswaite

london1“West End Bird, Westminster” by Zin

Since the results of the project were so epic, Café Art is making a calendar of ‘My London’ (the name of the project). All the money raised will go back to the project. Want your own, so you’ll enjoy every single one of your bathroom visits in 2016? Visit the Kickstarter page.

Milou Kwee

Milou Kwee

Milou is editor at IntoConnection.

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