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This Unique Show Gets You Drunk Just By Breathing

Enjoying a drink does not have to be by simply drinking it anymore. Even nondrinkers can now enjoy the smell and taste of an alcoholic beverage, simply by inhaling it. Yes, you heard that right! Nowadays you can just inhale the vapour of, for example, a gin and tonic. In London this experiment actually has turned into a full-on bar, Bombas and Parr.

Bombas and Parr is a walk-in cloud bar where you and your friends can go to sniff up some alcoholic fumes. The project is called Alcoholic Architecture. London is not the only place on earth where you can breathe magic. The Brisbane Festival has it’s very own version of this new phenomenon.

In Australia Fear & Delight is a dinner spectacle which is part of The Brisbane Festival. Visitors can inhale a gin and tonic through their nose, mouth and eyes. Apparently your eyes inhale some of the steam as well. The show is choreographed by Scott Maidment and the creators of Bombas and Parr. You do not only get an awesome and intriguing show while you enjoy a nice dinner, but you also literally breath alcohol infused oxygen. We just hope our eyes won’t get to drunk to bring us home safely.

We ourselves, and you guys probably too, were wondering: is this not extremely dangerous? The answer is: No! “It’s actually healthier for you they say, because it’s not affecting your liver”, Maidment told The Guardian. We can see this but is getting drunk even possible this way? Not really… most people probably won’t be in the room long enough to get enough of the fumes you need to get drunk. The amount of alcohol people will approximately inhale is not even one glass of gin and tonic.

“No patrons at Bompas and Parr’s permanent vapour bar in London or a similar one set up recently at Fear & Delight’s Adelaide show had any complaints, ” Maidment reassured us.

For those of you who cannot wait to experience this awesome concept for yourself, tickets for Fear & Delight are still available. The Brisbane Festival lasts until the 26th of September. Enjoy yourselves kids but remember: breathe responsible!


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