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Tired Of Your Digitalized Life? Sit Down And Have A Family Dinner

We are all overwhelmed with the digitalization of our lives. Everything is on-demand, live, online, and we can’t seem to put away our smart phones for a second. Even when we’re having dinner with others, we are constantly checking our phones. But don’t despair, change is on the way. In response there is a growing movement of people who are looking for alternatives for this always online situation. Take the guys who invented a not so smart phone that has only one function for instance, or the Grandma’s Project that focuses on putting grandma’s recipes in the spotlight over Instagramming your super foods. Basically, we take a step back and return to our roots and our beloved old school social habits.

What we miss most in our busy tech-influenced lives? Good ‘ol family dinners. This is where Billion Dinners comes in. They are calling on the world to sit down with their family and have a proper dinner, without distractions. “Join us in reminding the world of the significant health and wellness benefits of being fully present for 30 minutes each day and having a family dinner,” is their call to action. And the definition of a family dinner is pretty broad: 2 or more people, sharing a family-style meal while being fully present.

The campaign comes with the iOS and Android app DinnerCall, that allows you to track your family dinners and post the pictures of it on social media. Wait, we were supposed to put our smartphones away, right? “Rather than shunning technology at the table, we hope to encourage families to use DinnerCall to amplify the message,” says Adair, CEO of involved company Spokt. Well, let’s just say the end justifies the means.

According to the campaign, a family dinner reduces stress, keeps you informed, increases happiness and wellness and reduces obesity. Besides that, what’s more fun than sitting down with your loved ones and discussing your day with a yummy meal? Conclusion: reason enough to shut down your computer and log off from Facebook, it’s dinner time!

Milou Kwee

Milou Kwee

Milou is editor at IntoConnection.

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