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There’s nothing like a good old journalistic extreme experiment. Remember Morgan Spurlock’s 2004 Super Size Me? This documentary explored the shocking effects of eating McDonald’s food only for 30 days. Now, two Dutch guys are taking on a modern day experiment called Super Stream Me. For almost three weeks they are broadcasting their whole life, including sleeping, showering, having sex, masturbating and going to the bathroom for a number two. Whoa.

Tim, 28 years old, and Nicolaas, 31 years, both live in Amsterdam. Every aspect of their wellbeing is being documented on the platform. Their heart rate, they amount in which they felt a certain way that day (lonely, jealous, insecure) and how many glasses of alcohol they drink for instance. But the most interesting thing of it is, of course, the live stream. They are basically being virtually stalked by hunderds of people each moment of the day.  

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So why are they doing this? They call it an psychological experiment. What happens when you’re being watched all the time and there’s no privacy left? Do we define ourselves based on digital judgements of others? Their life is pretty much “one big status update” and they’re doing “everything for the likes,” says Nicolaas. In that way, Super Stream Me could also been seen as exploration of our social-media influenced lives.  

Now, they are 10 days into the project. How is it going? Well, the first time Tim took a dump was super awkward. No one has had sex or masturbated yet. Tim’s mom found out he smoked because of the stream. And interesting enough, the confrontation about being watched and judged all day long wasn’t between one of the guys and the public, but between the guys themselves.

Will we all stream (parts of) our lives in the future? Would it be just creepy to be able to see what your friends are doing at all times, or also convenient and a bit cool? What do you think?


Milou Kwee

Milou Kwee

Milou is editor at IntoConnection.

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