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This Lucky Little Fish May Be The Savior For Over Three Billion People

A fish a day keeps the doctor away. We often forget how dangerous lack of iron can be. As of right now over 6 million Cambodians have an iron deficiency and worldwide there are 3.5 billion people suffering from this problem. But change may be on it’s way because of the invention of the Lucky Iron Fish.

When people have excess of iron and suffer from anemia, the treatments that are needed to cure the disease are mostly easy. When you have too little iron and few healthy red blood cells in your body, it can leave some pretty heavy marks on your health. The risks that this problem brings along range from growth issues to heart problems. It is a danger to both young and old.

The Lucky Iron Fish is what its name suggests, a little fish made of iron. So, how does it provide the people in Cambodia with enough iron to stay healthy? It is quite simple. You take the Lucky Iron Fish, wash it and boil it in water for around ten minutes. Afterwards you mix the released iron in with your food and you are done. Lucky releases around 70 gram of iron per use due to its low-tech. This amount helps to defeat lack of iron in meals but is a small enough to prevent unhealthy side effects. Every single fish can sustain a family for up to 5 years.

The Lucky Fish has gotten a great response so far, even winning the Grand Prix for product design at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The creator of this project is Christopher Charles, student at the McMaster University, Canada. He came up with this concept during his studies at the University of Guelph. He started researching and developing this project with Cambodia as a starting point.

Now for one of the most important parts, here is how you can help. If you buy one fish for yourself the company donates one to a family in need. You can also buy a school which means you will be supporting multiple families. As of right now over 10.000 families have been given a lucky iron fish. The company says that means an estimated 89.000 men, woman and children who have been given the change of a healthier future. So get yourself a cute little fish, just keep swimming and help others to get lucky.

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