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The future of video is changing. Virtual reality is taking over gaming industries and it won’t be long before it will conquer Hollywood as well. The options of VR are endless and the virtual experience will become more and more lifelike with several companies developing 360 headsets, better cameras camera’s and even virtual reality chairs. How cool would it be if instead of listening to your history teacher blab about the history of Greece, you could actually visit ancient Greece. Being immersed into an alternative world seems like the ultimate entertainment dream. For those of you who are new to virtual reality, and also for those who are VR-guru’s, we have selected the top-3 360 videos of November that you have to watch!


Life is not always fair and sometimes the one concert you really, really wanted to go to sold out before you managed to get your hands on a ticket. get your hands on tickets. Watching crappy fan-made videos afterwards just doesn’t cut it. The future of video Virtual reality is changing that. Now you can experience the concert 360 degrees and even sing along really hard without having to be embarrassed. Not only live concerts are being captured in 360 videos, some artists are recording their music videos in 360 as well.  The Weeknd is one of the first artist who made one of these videos, 360 and totally awesome.


We have been talking a lot about the options of virtual reality in entertainment, however there are so many more possibilities. The New York Times made a virtual reality app which is a 100 percent free and it is called NYT VR. With the app you can watch the documentary: The Displaced. This documentary, shot in 360, is about the life of three refugee children. The New York Times aspires to raise awareness to the problem of 30 million children who have lost their homes due to war. Jake Silverstein elaborated on the new film saying “By creating a 360-degree environment that encircles the viewer, virtual reality creates the experience of being present within distant worlds, making it uniquely suited to projects, like this one, that speak to our senses of empathy and community.”


And now the absolute must see video, especially if you have always dreamed of being an astronaut, the Apollo 11 VR demo. You can re-live Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. The demo was constructed with old video footage and audio recordings from NASA’s archive. The journey was created by virtualrealityreviewer.com and VR developer Drash. Currently a Kickstarter campaign is running for more of these outer space experiences in which the past gets mixed with the future through historical events.


You don’t need a Oculus Rift to experience any of these awesome 360 videos, a Google cardboard works pretty great as well. From now on YouTube will support VR as well so you can experience virtual reality on demand. “YouTube is about democratizing. It’s about bringing this kind of video to everyone.” – says Kurt Wilms, YouTube VR senior product manager. If you live in the Netherlands and you are dying to get on one of these VR-experiences asap, it is your lucky day. &samhoud media is organizing multiple VR pop-up cinemas throughout the country and there are still some tickets available. You can buy your way into a whole new world here



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